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About Us

We have known each other since 2017, after being introduced to each other on Twitter by a mutual friend, via our joint affection for the TV show Car Share.  The following summer we met in person when a small group of us, 'The Fabulous and Over 40's', made the journey from England up to Dundee to visit Dawn and have a girls weekend away. In additional to being a few days of giggles and gossip, we came with the revelation that we both had almost identical fandom histories, with both of us having been fans of shows ranging from Dempsey & Makepeace, Moonlighting, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, The Upper Hand and The X Files to name a few. 

During lockdown, we had long discussions about TV shows, fandoms, shipping and, honestly, not sure how or when we decided to launch this endeavour, but it was from this The Ship Yard was born. We hope you like it. 


Dawn Glen

​​My shipping intuition began with Dungeons & Dragons, when Hank putting his arm around Sheila made me squee.

Through the mid 80s I became obsessed with Moonlighting, Dempsey & Makepeace and Remington Steele. Although I enjoyed the hot-tempered ‘ships back in the day, I’ve always been much more drawn to the “friends to lovers” trope, through The X-Files to Caryl on The Walking Dead.

Due to ill health I have been unable to pursue a career out of the home but I’ve been writing about ships and heavily involved in online fandoms for 25 years. I am currently a contributor for Undead Walking.

I live in Dundee, Scotland where I share my home with a geek I married and more electrical devices than NASA.

Lucy Macey

My shipping obsession dates back to the 1980's and the American classic, 'Moonlighting'. I was obsessed. I loved it.

Since then I have been drawn to any TV will-they-wont-they and  am fascinated by the psychology behind it, from series such as The Upper Hand, Lois & Clark and The X Files. 

After getting a BA in Film, TV and American Studies from Brunel University, I worked for over 15 years in Television and Film Distribution. In 2023, I completed a 2-year part-time Master's Degree in Media and Communication.

In December 2023, I moved to Ireland and became a 'Derry Girl'.

Fun Fact

I played a murder victim in an episode of Roy Marsden's Murder Casebook. 

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