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The Ship Yard - Pyjama Party

The Ship Yard - Pyjama Party is the sister content to The Ship Yard.
Basically, what you get in this podcast is two women in their mid-40s watching various episodes of classic television shows and, on occasion, actually discussing what it is we're watching.
This is an audio only podcast, it's much more laid back and we tend to record them around 11 o'clock at night, hence the name, The Pyjama Party.


The Ship Yard - Christmas Pyjama Party 

Okay, we know that Christmas was a few weeks ago now, but due to a few technical errors and YouTube deciding that our discussion about Doctor Who was 'inapproproate content', we have come up with a Plan B. 

So, a little later than planned, please see below, our discussion on 

Doctor Who Christmas Special 2005: The Christmas Invasion,

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